The Most Common Goal in Fitness is….

How many times have you said “I need to lose weight”, or you set a weight loss goal, only to fall short?

Seems that most of us have some level of concern about our weight.  But what should our weight be?  We are always comparing ourselves to other people, trying to follow some standard that tells us what we should weigh, or trying to relive our past and get back to our “college” weight. 

The reality is that each of us is different – we have unique body types, metabolisms, strength levels, etc., (and this may change as we get older) so why are we trying to fit a mold that we were never meant to fit in?   The majority of clients that come to us have a goal to lose weight – could be 5-10 lbs, all the way up to 50+ lbs.  But is this the best goal?  How do each of us know what our ideal (and healthy) weight really is?  Well……we don’t.

However, our goal should be to lower our body fat percentage. 

Regardless of your weight, height, build, etc. having a lower percentage of body fat is healthy.  I often ask our clients with weight loss goals, “if you could look forward three months from now and you weigh the same as you do today, but you’ve lost ~10 inches across your body and dropped two dress sizes, would you be happy?”  100% of the time, the answer is, “of course!!”  We have created a false correlation between our body weight and looking good, feeling good, and being healthy.

Don’t get me wrong, if you lower your body fat percentage and are following a strength training program (along with eating well), the odds are high that you will lose weight.  Increased muscle mass will increase your resting metabolic rate and you will burn more calories throughout the day.   The average body fat percentage for Women is 25-31% and for Men is 18-24% - we should be basing our goals to at least get within this range and maintain. 

So what to do next?

Stop looking at the scale every morning, determine your current body fat percentage, set realistic fitness goals (lower body fat, get off medicines, etc.), and get advice/guidance to begin a strength training plan while following a good nutritional diet.   We have affordable and proven training plans that can enable you to reach your fitness goals, regardless of experience, age, and limitations.  If you’ve never had a trainer before or just not 100% sure what to expect, we offer a free week of personal training to allow you to see how we can help you reach your goals.   Give us a call today (972-468-9555) or click on the link to register for your free week of personal training.

Bud Terrell