First 3 Simple Steps to Start Your Weight Loss Journey

Congratulations, you’ve made the decision to lose weight and feel better!   

You just don’t know how to start.  

All the information at our disposal can be overwhelming and frustrating.  

Not knowing how to start, wanting to see quick progress, and paralysis by analysis (trying to read and understand all the information at our fingertips) can lead to discouragement and early failure.

So here are the 3 simple steps to get you started, and see some immediate progress, in your weight loss journey

1. Lower Your Sugar & Carb Intake

Read the food labels and monitor how much added sugar you are eating.  Your goal should be less than 30 grams of added sugar per day. 

 First thing to cut out should be the sodas & high sugar drinks (fruit juices, energy drinks, etc.) and increase your water consumption.   

Track and lower your carb consumption, and focus on minimizing the easy to find bad carbs – processed foods, white rice, white bread, pasta, pastries & deserts, etc.   

You will be amazed at how much this first step will impact your weight loss and make you feel better.

2. Increase Your Protein & Veggie Consumption

Increase your protein and vegetable consumption.  

Consuming protein and fiber will make you feel full and stick with you longer, thereby helping to avoid overeating and reduce cravings.   

Great protein choices are chicken breasts, salmon, lean grass-fed beef, eggs, etc.  Your goal is to have some protein at every meal. 

Increasing your vegetable consumption will help give you the fiber, vitamins, and minerals we need to be healthy.  Low carb vegetable options such as broccoli, spinach, kale, cucumbers, lettuce, etc. can be piled on your plate and help you feel full without adding the calories or grams of carbs.

3. Start A Personal Weight Training & Cardio Plan, Designed For You

Cardio is important (activities like walking, swimming, cycling, etc.) but you need to also build in a strength training program by lifting weights 2-3 times/week. 

Lifting weights will burn calories but also prevent your metabolism from slowing, which is common as we lose weight and start consuming less calories/day.   

But don’t sprint out of the gate and hurt yourself, work with a personal trainer who can build a custom program for you based on your age, limitations, goals, and capabilities.  

Getting hurt (or not seeing any results) is an easy way to get discouraged and/or derail your weight loss journey.


Our Team at Mind & Body Fitness can help you get started and feeling better & losing weight.  

We have affordable and proven training plans (including cardio, strength training, & nutritional guidance) that can enable you to reach your fitness goals, regardless of experience, age, and limitations.  

If you’ve never had a trainer before or just not 100% sure what to expect, we offer a free week of personal training to allow you to see how we can help you reach your goals.   

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