What Weight Should I Be Using To Workout?


Are you using the right weight when working out? 

Are you weight lifting or thinking about getting into weight lifting? Are you trying to figure out what pound weight you should be using in your exercises?

Here are some tips on figuring out which weight is best for you:

  1. You should choose a weight that allows you to do the first 10 reps with some difficulty. You should feel a bit tired by the tenth rep, but you shouldn’t feel shaky.

  2. When you’ve reached the third set you should feel tired and feel like your breathing is increasing.

  3. If you get to the last set and feel like you used little effort, then it is time to increase the amount of weight.

  4. If you increase the weight and feel like it is too challenging and you are not able to keep proper form, then you can either drop the amount pf reps to eight or nine or you can return to the lighter weight and increase the number of reps to 12 or 15.

It is important that as you try to figure out which weight is best for you that you keep proper form--always! Proper form is beneficial by:

·      Preventing injury when working out

·      Improving overall results

·      Helping with proper breathing

If you’re still unsure of whether you are using the right weight, then we advise you to come work with one of our personal trainers for a few weeks to learn proper form and technique. Contact us today!