I saw a change in my body posture after the second session, and after a month of 30 minutes twice a week, everyone who sees me asks what I am doing differently. I am hooked, and now increasing to 3 days a week. It’s been the best money I have spent in years,
— Thomasin P.

Mark and Bud took my lazy butt from 22% body fat down to 15% over the last year and I have gone from at 35” waist to 31”. It’s not a magical 30 day solution. They make working out fun and keep you coming back.
— Hunter D.

I have been working out at Mind & Body Fitness, Plano for just over a month now. Bud & Mark are nice gentlemen, interested in helping you meet your goals. They are extremely friendly and motivating to boot! They provide that ‘small company’ interaction you’ll never get at a big gym.

The semi-personal training makes the pricing within reason. When you think they are not watching you .... they are! Mark will recite your countdown, coach you on your positioning and give you encouragement.

This is just what I needed to break into getting active and healthy this year!
— Deborah H.

If I could give Mind & Body Fitness a 10 star review, I would do it in a heartbeat. I knew from the first time I walked in that this was a special place. This is not a typical gym, it is a customized personal training facility. The staff is knowledgeable and professional. They truly work with each client to help you accomplish your health goals. And they offer very cost effective programs.
— Diana H.

Bud, Mark and Kevin have all been great with my kids; tailored workouts for their respective sports have helped them each improve. And they love the workouts!
— Karen R.

First time in a long time I have stuck to a workout program and it’s bc it feels like a family. They have been very supportive and understanding. I actually look forward to going for a workout each time.
— Debbie K.

These guys have been amazing! My 1st time using a personal trainer, and there is nothing like it. I’m confident that I will hit my goals and overall results because Bud and his fitness team are dedicated to my success! It’s like having my own personal coach that won’t let me quit, its awesome! 5-Stars because I will be shirt-less this summer! Thanks Mark!!
— Kenny W.

Been coming here for 6 months and have made better gains than any gym on my own. Extremely happy with my results.
— Stephen D.

Darien has been a MBF Client for almost 2 years - seeing amazing results. Came to us to improve overall health, lose weight, and feel better. Darien enjoys the MBF culture and environment - fun, non-judgemental, and motivating. Along with seeing results!!!

Debbie has been with Mind & Body Fitness Plano for almost a year. She has been a member of several gyms in the past, but never saw success or felt comfortable until she came to Mind & Body Fitness. Debbie has lost lbs, lost inches, her blood test results are improving, and she feels stronger with increased endurance to watch the kiddo's all day.

Derek Mendoza, Strength & Conditioning Coach within the Seattle Mariners Organization, providing his thoughts on Mind & Body Fitness Plano.

Judy has been at Mind & Body Fitness since January 2017 and has seen amazing results.

MBF Clients Priyank and Richa talk about their experience and results from working with our trainers.

Ryan has been a member of MBF for almost a year following back surgery. Released from PT he was not at the strength level he needed to return to playing golf & softball. Training with Mark 3 days per week, Ryan has increased his endurance & strength and is back to hitting home runs and in the 70's in Golf.