Trips with a Trainer 

GROUP OF 3-5 • 90 MINUTES • $40/TRIP

Take the guesswork out of grocery shopping, by taking a trip with a nutritional trainer! Take the guesswork out of grocery shopping, by taking a trip with a nutritional trainer! 

INCLUDED: an overview of how to plan your trip, what to look for on labels, when to spend more for organic, and what to avoid.

*$40 per group trip • $120 per private trip

Nutritional Deep Dive

60 MINUTES • $50

The Nutritional Deep Dive requires a 14-day meal log.  Your trainer identifies dietary weaknesses, the source of cravings and macronutrient needs, and helps plan foods needed to reach your goals. 

Deep Dive Followup


Need a quick, "check-in" after your Nutritional Deep Dive? No worries! We offer a fast follow up call with your trainer to ensure that you're staying on track and to answer any additional questions you might have.

Macro Nutrients Classes

60 MINUTES • $10 - $25

A quarterly class where the group learns to calculate their own macronutrient needs, foods to incorporate to meet them, and basic portion size to strive to ensure you don't veer off the nutritional track.

*$10 per class for members. $25 per class for non-members. 



Exercise alone will only take you so far to help ensure you won't plateau during your journey to living better, and it's time to level up on how you think and approach the food you use to fuel your body.

What's Included:

  • 1:1 nutrition coaching

  • Do's & don'ts for your body, your lifestyle

  • Food journaling accountability

  • Health webinars, seminars or workshops

  • Nutritional supplement recommendations