Hey there, we're Bud + Caryn Terrell


Bud and Caryn Terrell, owners of Mind & Body Fitness, feel they have been called by God to help people improve their health through exercise, nutrition, and fellowship.

Since the opening of their studio in March ‘16, they have been blessed to see this calling come to fruition.

After years of moving their family around the country and world for Bud’s career as operations and supply chain manager with Clorox, Bic and Colgate-Palmolive, they often dreamed of owning their own business so they could stay in one place and put down roots.

The problem was, they didn’t know what kind of business they wanted to own until Bud’s mother passed away from ovarian cancer in 2014.  

Bud was very athletic as a child; he was a competitive swimmer in high school and college. 

At the time of his mother’s illness and death, he was far from his swimming days; he was overweight, traveled 80+% of the time, ate poorly and was not exercising regularly.  In conversations with his mother’s doctor, Bud came to realize that many of the co-morbidities that she was facing and even cancer itself, were directly related to her poor diet, exercise, and healthy choices.

After her death, he recognized that he was making many of those same bad choices himself and that it was time to do something about it. 

Bud and Caryn quickly realized that their business should be health and fitness related.

This realization led them to Mind & Body Fitness Studio. Mind & Body Fitness values not only health, fitness, and wellness, but that seeks to create a community where people from all walks of life can come to learn and “live better”.  Bud and Caryn’s passion and goal is to educate and enable people to take the necessary steps to improve their health, eat better and smarter, and exercise.

They want their clients to learn to maintain their bodies while they still can, before it’s too late and damage becomes irreversible.  

While Caryn continues to teach pre-school in McKinney, you’ll see Bud around the studio most days.  Bud & Caryn have two children – their son lives and works in Dallas, while their daughter is studying Biochemistry and Microbiology at Oklahoma State University.

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"We both feel like we've been called by God to help people and using their health + fitness as the vehicle. We're blessed to be able to be a part of so many life transformations."