Personal Training

Staying healthy and fit is difficult. We get it, which is why our Personal Training is the perfect opportunity to help guide you through the ups, downs, twists and turns of keeping your body performing at its best.  Regardless of your age, goals, limitations, and capabilities, we will create a training program unique for you.

Whether you've been working out on your own, or you’re brand new to working out altogether, participating in our studio's Personal Training is exactly what can help keep you on track, without overwhelming you!

With our Personal Training packages, you will receive fully customized training programs for your unique starting point, capabilities, limitations, and goals.


$299 per month for two sessions/week ($35/session)

$419 per month for three sessions/week ($32/session)

$499 per month for unlimited sessions/week

Personalized Small Group Training

If you’re looking to take your health + fitness up a notch, enjoy having someone push you to your full potential or simply like having a trainer stretch you outside of your comfort zone...our Personalized Small Group Training is for you!

Our Personalized Small Group Training is great for you if you're serious about finally seeing (real) results but you just don’t trust yourself enough to follow through if left to doing this whole "health + fitness" thing yourself.

Working within a group of 2-4 clients, you will get a total body workout that is tailored to your capabilities and fitness level.

$219 per month for two sessions/week ($25/session)

$319 per month for three sessions/week ($24/session)

$419 per month for four sessions/week ($24/session)



Give the studio a call to easily reserve the date + time that fits your schedule best.

All that's left is to come in for your first visit and evaluation so we can better tailor your training to your limitations, current physical condition & capabilities, and goals.  And then your sessions can begin!