Burn Calories For Up To 72 Hours
After Each Session!

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It's time to get personal about your fitness And that's where our Mind & Body Method comes in.



You're busy. Like, REALLY busy! That's why our training sessions are 100% FLUFF FREE - not a single second of your time gets wasted. Your training sessions are designed to be the most adequate, helping you see + feel results in half the time of traditional workouts - guaranteed!


Everything about your fitness journey is architected with full intention. Using our "Microscopic Principles" Approach, we're able to break down each section of your training session to a microscopic level - ensuring that every ounce, every part, of your body gets utilized in the most intentional, impactful way.


Template workouts that anyone can "plug-n-play" into their session aren't our "thing."  By combining our "Microscopic Principles" Approach with your training and our state-of-the-art wellness evaluations, you always get the workout that's exactly right for YOUR body and never for someone else's.


Our Business.

We mean that literally, not figuratively. We're so obsessed with helping people reach*their* health + wellness goals that we opened up our own personal training studio.

Whatever your personal fitness goals are, we've got you covered!


Locally Owned + 
Family Operated.

Mind & Body Fitness is a locally-owned personal training studio where their staff of amazing trainers are transforming countless lives, one body at a time.


All About
Sweat Equity.

You don't wish for a better body or better life; you work for it! THERE ARE NO SHORTCUTS TO LOSING WEIGHT, BUILDING MUSCLE OR TONING THE BODY.

At Mind & Body FitnessĀ®, our trainers will push you. They'll challenge you. More than anything, they'll show you exactly what your body is capable of achieving.

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From The Inside

It's one thing to look like you feel good. It's another to actually feel good, and that starts with INTAKE + REPLACE. Our certified trainers provide each client with easy, approachable nutrition guidance of what your body should intake.

They'll also hold you accountable to the process of replacing years of bad habits - all to give you a complete, well-rounded path to achieving your long-term fitness goals.


Is The
Right for You?

Here @ Mind & Body Fitness, we do things different.
We're hardcore serious about health + fitness,
but we don't take ourselves too seriously.
We train hard, but have fun doing it.

Still curious if Mind & Body is your place? 

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The best time to begin,
is always right now...

Whether you're new to working out or you've fallen off the wagon & just looking to get back on track,
there's never been a better time to begin than right now. Go ahead, click that button to get started + we'll see you in the studio!